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Via Soccer Academy

Redefining – Restructuring – Realizing the long-term development of youth players

Technical Sum

Defined as the addition of all of the technical components and tactical concepts necessary for attaining high level proficiency. To improve ball mastery, players will touch the ball a maximum number of times per training session, because technique improves through game-specific repetition. To improve speed of execution, our training sessions bring a high level of intensity, recreating realistic situations at game pace. To enhance tactical awareness, players will be guided to learn, understand and recognize game-situations. This will encourage them to actively find solutions through the use of fundamental principles of play.

Physical Preparation

We integrate appropriate physical age-specific training into every session. Regardless of the age, the body needs to be prepared for the work it will be doing on the field. At 7 years old, the body needs motor skills; at 10 years old the body needs speed and agility; and at 15 years old the body needs strength and flexibility. The modern player needs soccer-specific athletic ability, or will otherwise struggle to compete among the elite.

Mental Edge

We lay the foundation for a mentally strong and confident player. Often neglected, especially at the younger ages, is the training of the player’s mind. Without discipline, confidence and love for the game, most players will not develop the necessary approach to reach the elite level. Our coaching style integrates the appropriate use of positive and negative reinforcements during training. Additional emphasis will be placed on creating a very organized and methodical training environment. This context will guide the players to develop positive standards and self-awareness.

News & Articles
August 15, 2014
L’Académie Via Soccer voit le jour – Fanny Samson
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DÉVELOPPEMENT. Les clubs de soccer Delta, Monteuil et Fabrose, les trois plus grands de Laval, se sont associés avec le groupe Via Soccer, afin de mettre sur pied un programme complémentaire pour les joueurs désirant......

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August 08, 2014
La NCAA démystifiée – Marc Tougas (
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L’avenue du soccer de la NCAA vous intrigue, ou encore elle intéresse votre fils ou votre fille, et vous aimeriez en savoir un peu plus là-dessus sans trop vous engager? Une réunion qui aura lieu lundi soir à Laval......

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August 02, 2014
Put rubbish youth coaches in jail – Miles Chambers
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The current Russia boss has hit out at trainers who focus heavily on teaching tactics to young players, rather than nurturing existing skill and talent Former Real Madrid and Juventus boss Fabio Capello has suggested that......

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