In order to complete your registration, please follow the following simple steps:

1. Download our 2017 Summer Camp Registration Form.

2. Fill out the form in its entirety. Make sure to properly indicate the number of weeks you are signing up for, as well as the type of program you desire.

3. Reference our pricing list and indicate the amount to be paid. Sign and date the form.

4. Place the form and your payment (Cash or Cheque) in a sealed envelope. All cheques should be payable to “A.S.M.L.”

5. Hand in your envelope:

in person at:
Centre Communautaire d´Auteuil
6200, boulevard des Laurentides, local 109, Laval

Or by mail at:
Association Sportive Monteuil de Laval – Soccer
Via Soccer Summer Camps
C.P. 37327 CSP Auteuil
Laval, QC. H7H 3C2

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